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Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker 2014

Here is our official Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker 2014. Be sure to refresh this page every 2-5 minutes for Rockhopper's latest location.

Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker 2014

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Who Is Rockhopper?

Rockhopper is one of Club Penguin's first mascots. Rockhopper and Red Puffle, Yarr, sail the Blue Open Sea on The Migrator, searching for treasures and gold on what may seem to be a faraway Island Adventure. Club Penguin’s Pirate, Rockhopper, typically returns to the Island every three months with new items and treasures. Usually, you can find him attending the Adventure Party, Puffle Party, The Fair, or Holiday Party. When Rockhopper is on Club Penguin, The Migrator is docked at the Beach next to the Lighthouse. You can board The Migrator and explore the Main Deck, Hold, and Captain’s Quarters. You can learn more about Rockhopper by reading his Journal at the Book Room.


Tips On Finding Captain Rockhopper

  1. Rockhopper's appearance stands out, and he looks different than normal penguins. As seen in the image above, Rockhopper is a Red Penguin wearing a Pirate Hat with a beard.
  2. Refresh our tracker every 2-5 minutes for Rockhopper's latest location.
  3. Add the tracker to your own site. As mentioned above, copy the given HTML code and paste it onto your website.
  4. Rockhopper will waddle onto popular servers such as Blizzard, Mammoth, and Frozen. He will waddle into rooms such as the Cove, Pizza Parlor, Ice Berg, Beach, and around his own ship.
  5. If you do find Rockhopper, click on his playercard and click on the first button to get your free gift. If you meet him for the first time, you'll also obtain a stamp for being in the same room as him. Additionally, you can add Rockhopper to be your buddy.
  6. Rockhopper changes servers every 10-15 minutes. Refresh this page to get the latest information.
  7. Be sure to follow me on Twitter for Rockhopper's most recent updates: @Archiyoso.

Rockhopper's Appearances on Club Penguin

  • October 13, 2006 (Rockhopper’s First Visit on Club Penguin)
  • December 8, 2006 (New Puffles Introduced)
  • February 9, 2007 (Festival of Snow 2007)
  • March 9, 2007 (Rockhopper's Journal Introduced)
  • April 27, 2007 (Pirate Party 2007)
  • June 22, 2007 (Summer Fun with Rockhopper 2007)
  • July 27, 2007 (Summer Fun with Rockhopper 2007)
  • August 2007 (Summer Fun with Rockhopper 2007)
  • September 14, 2007 (Fall Fair 2007)
  • November 9, 2007 (?)
  • January 2008 (Migrator Sinking Accident)
  • April 25, 2008 (Migrator Redesigned Celebration)
  • June 27, 2008 (Summer Fun with Rockhopper 2008)
  • August 2008 (Penguin Games 2008)
  • SeptemberOctober 2008 (Fall Fair 2008)
  • October 2008 (3rd Aniversary)
  • December 2008 (Holiday Party 2008)
  • February 2009 (Puffle Party 2009)
  • May 2009 (Spring Fun with Rockhopper 2009)
  • September 2009 (Fall Fair 2009)
  • December 2009 (Holiday Party 2009)
  • March 2010 (Sping Fun with Rockhopper 2010)
  • June 2010 (Island Adventure Party 2010)
  • September 2010 (Fall Fair 2011)
  • December 2010 (Holiday Party 2010)
  • April 2011 (Earth Day/Island Adventure Party 2011)
  • September 2011 (Fall Fair 2011)
  • December 2011 (Holiday Party 2011)
  • February 2012 (Rockhopper's Quest 2012)
  • August 2012 (Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit 2012)
  • December 2012 (Holiday Party 2012)
  • September 2013 (Medieval Party 2013)
  • December 2013 (Holiday Party 2013)
  • April 2014 (Arrival of Orange Tabby Cat and Blue Border Collie Puffles)

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