Club Penguin Trackers 2014

Using our trackers, locate and find your favourite mascot within seconds.

Club Penguin Pin Tracker 2014

Here is our official Club Penguin Pin Tracker 2014. Be sure to refresh this page every 2-5 minutes for the Pin's latest location.

Club Penguin Pin Tracker 2014

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Auto-Tweet Pin Locations

Club Penguin Auto Tweet Mascot Locations

By clicking on the picture above, you enable your Twitter account to auto-tweet locations whenever any mascot is found. This is very beneficial for many penguins, as it helps find all mascots quicker, and easier. It is also a very efficient way of telling your friends and followers on Twitter where the mascot currently is. More than 250 penguins use this application, as it’s the smart way to find any mascot.

What Is A Pin?

A new, different, and unique collectable pin is hidden around Club Penguin every two weeks. The name of the pin, how it's visually represented always alters, with new and different pins. No pin is obtainable twice. The older the pin becomes, the rarer it becomes. Once you find the pin, your friends can see it in your stamp book, and also your player card if you choose to present it there. When decorating your stamp book, you can also add your favorite pins to the cover. Again, not to forget, after two weeks, a new pin is released, while the other is removed, and one pin will never be obtainable ever again. It's beneficial to obtain the pin, even if you are never going to use it, as they might become rare one day later in the future.


Did You Know...?

  • The first pin was released on March 16th 2006 during the St. Patrick's Day Party. It was a Shamrock Pin.
  • In 2011, Club Penguin released 2 pins per week to promote Puffles and the Puffle Party 2011. These pins were puffle pins, each week the color of the puffles altered.
  • Any player of Club Penguin can purchase Flag Pins at the Gift Shop, via the Clothing Catalog. Prior to 2011, these pins were only obtainable for members.
  • In a level in the game Puffle Rescue, you can find the Moss Pin. Using that pin, you can go into the Underwater Lake.
  • Rockhopper's Key Pin can be found in Rockhopper's Book, in the Book Room. It should be around the last page. By having this pin, you can simply waddle into the Captain's Quarter room, in Rockhopper's ship, when he is around.
  • The list of yearly pins can be found in the annual Club Penguin Yearbooks.
  • The Disney Castle Pin is exclusively obtainable by purchasing a Disney Book at the Disney Store. It is quite rare, as these books are no longer in circulation, also known to be discontinued.
  • By completing an activity, such as a scavenger hunt, you may claim your prize to be a pin.
  • At the Fall Fair, you are able to trade in you tickets for a pin. It's the cheapest prize you can claim at the Fall Fair party.

Tips On Finding Club Penguin Pins

  1. Pins are never located in the Town or Plaza, as they are too easy to locate.
  2. Every two weeks, the location of the new collectable pin will change. Don't expect in the same room as before. Pins 3-4 months later may appear there again.
  3. Pins won't be in the exact spot, they might be altered in another spot, or sitting on another object in a room.
  4. Form a team with your penguin buddies. Every penguin should search a section. Who ever finds it the pin, tells the other buddies. It is usually a fun activity with multiple penguins.
  5. Ask waddling penguins: "Where is the new pin?". A kind helpful penguin may help you.
  6. Every two weeks, visit and look for the pin post. Also, refresh this tracker every two weeks, as the tracker is updated automatically.
  7. Follow @Archiyoso on Twitter as he will announce the location of the pin, when it is released.