Club Penguin Trackers 2014

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Club Penguin Trackers 2014:

Looking for a mascot on Club Penguin? Trying to get their free gift, autograph, and stamp? You've come to the right place. We have all of the Club Penguin Trackers 2014, which will really help you find your favourite mascots. Our Club Penguin Trackers 2014 are very accurate, they work very quick, and our community is very dedicated to finding a mascot. Within minutes, or even seconds, you can precisely find your favourite mascot on the snowy virtual world of Club Penguin. It's that easy. Here on this page, you'll find all of the working Club Penguin Trackers 2014. We'll track the mascots instantly for you, you locate them, and you'll end up meeting them. Your dreams will finally come true. Learn about the top secrets, tips and more regarding all of the mascots on Club Penguin.

Currently Tracking on Club Penguin:

Gary will waddling around the island of Club Penguin during the Future Party 2014. Gary is willing to meet penguins in the future, and to celebrate the technological advances in the future. Be sure to use our Gary Tracker May 2014 to find find him as soon as possible before he leaves.

Club Penguin Gary Tracker May 2014

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Club Penguin Trackers 2014 - Mascots

Archiyoso Tracker - Ever wanted to hang out or waddle alongside Archiyoso? The owner and founder of the CPBreak Network and YouTube's ClubPenguinNews08? Well, now you can! Using our Archiyoso tracker, instantly find him and chill with him on Club Penguin. Take a picture, tweet it, becausecause it'll be an awesome memory!

Aunt Arctic Tracker - Meet Aunt Arctic, Club Penguin's journalist by using our accurate Aunt Arctic Tracker. Soon you'll find Aunt Arctic and you'll be very happy. You can brag to your friends that you found Aunt Arctic using our tracker.

Brady Tracker - Chill out with Brady, the surfer dude from Disney's television series, Teen Beach Movie. He loves surfing. In fact, he surfs from morning to night, with his girl friend McKenzie! You can have the chance of surfing with Brady by simply using our Brady tracker. This tracking tool can help you get a picture of him, his autograph, as well as his stamp.

Cadence Tracker - Hang out with Cadence, Club Penguin's DJ, dancer, and party host by using our accurate Cadence Tracker. Soon, you'll be partying with Cadence and you'll receive an autograph from the one and only famous Cadence only by using our trackers.

CeCe Tracker - Dance, dance, dance, what, dance, dance dance! CeCe Jones, the famous dancer from Disney's television series, Shake It Up!waddles, no I mean, dances, around the snowy island of Club Penguin with full out swag! She loves to meet and greet her and loving fans. With our tracker, locate CeCe Jones, and meet her before everyone else does. This can help you get a picture with her, an autograph, and stamp.

Gary Tracker - Meet the smartest agent, inspector, and inventor on Club Penguin by using our Gary Tracker. In no-time you'll be knowing all the secret things around Club Penguin. You'll be proud that you have his autograph and stamp once you find him with our Gary Tracker.

Herbert Tracker - This super villain is on the lose! Where is he? Where can I destroy him? Using our Herbert Tracker, simply find him and take him out. Finally the island of Club Penguin will be safe from this evil villain!

Kermit Tracker - Kermit the Frog, from The Muppets, is a kind, caring, and fun frog. However, he is arguabley and mistakenly known to be the world's number one criminal. Using our Kermit Tracker, find him, get his information, and keep the island of Club Penguin safe.

McKenzie Tracker - McKenzie, also known as Mack, is from Disney's television series, Teen Beach Movie. With one of her best guy friends, Brady, she loves to hang out and surf all day. You can hangout with her by using the McKenzie tracker. This tracking tool can help you get a picture of her, her autograph, as well as her stamp.

Penguin Band Tracker - Meet the Musical Band of Club Penguin! This includes Petey K, G Billy, Stompin' Bob, and Franky. Soon, you'll be playing music with the Band on Club Penguin. Your friends will totally be jealous of you that you've found the Penguin Band using our trackers.

Puffle Handler Tracker - Meet the Puffle Handler, Club Penguin's favourite Puffle friend! She loves adventures, Puffles, and of course her long hair! Using our PH or Puffle Handler Tracker, find Puffle Handler and learn lessons on how to take care of your own Puffles.

Rockhopper Tracker - Meet Captain Rockhopper on the island of Club Penguin! Befriend Rockhopper and other fellow pirates. In a few minutes, you'll find Captain Rockhopper and his Puffle, Yarr. Show off to your friends that you've found Rockhopper, using our trackers.

Rocky Tracker - The star from Disney's television show, Shake It Up!, waddles around as a very popular celebrity. This singer is waddling around, giving out autographs and hanging out with the citizens of Club Penguin. With our tracker, you can locate Rocky Blue before everyone else and ensure you get a picture with her, an autograph and her stamp.

Rookie Tracker - Chill out with Rookie on Club Penguin! He is really adventurous, fun, exciting and cool. He might tell you a story regarding the things he has been through! Using our tracker, you'll find out what Rookie has been up to. You'll know all the top secrets in no time.

Sensei Tracker - Think you can beat the Card Jitsu master? Ever wanted to meet that master? Using our trackers, find Sensei and face him at either Fire, Water, Snow or regular Card Jitsu and beat him. Brag about it to your friends that you've beaten the master.

WaltDisney6 Tracker - WaltDisney6 is a programming genius. He loves to manage servers, develop websites, code, and create material for the world wide web. Not to forget, he is a co-owner of the CPBreak Network. Using the WaltDisney6 Tracker, find his location on Club Penguin, and add him as a friend.

Club Penguin Tracker 2014 - Tools

Pin Tracker - Where's the new pin? When was it released? With our Club Penguin Pin Tracker, you will be able to locate the latest pin within seconds. Every two weeks a new pin is released and the tracker will automatically update its self to help you find the latest pin!

Field Ops Tracker - It's always a hard task to find the weekly Field Ops mission, and to complete it. Well, not any more! With our Club Penguin Field Ops Tracker, learn where the location of the Field Ops mission is and how to complete it. No worries, the Field Ops tracker is fully automatic and it works instantly. A smart move would be to even embed it on your own website.

UPDATE: Field Ops missions are no longer available on Club Penguin.

Auto-Tweet Mascot Locations

Club Penguin Auto Tweet Mascot Locations

By clicking on the picture above, you enable your Twitter account to auto-tweet locations whenever any mascot is found. This is very beneficial for many penguins, as it helps find all mascots quicker, and easier. It is also a very efficient way of telling your friends and followers on Twitter where the mascot currently is. More than 250 penguins use this application, as it’s the smart way to find any mascot.



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